2001 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

2001 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

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The grapes for Martin Ray Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon are grown on the spectacular Diamond Mountain Vineyard, which rises to 2200 feet elevation above the Napa Valley floor. The vineyards nestle on a northeastern slope, where mornings are typically brisk and fog-free, while northwesterly winds continue to cool the vineyard throughout the growing season. This unique mountain vineyard site provides a variety of soils, superior sun exposure and nighttime cooling; producing small, intense, full-flavored berries.


The winemaking methods used in creating our Cabernet Sauvignon are the same as thosenperfected by the legendary Martin Ray over sixty years ago. Although labor intensive, these traditional techniques produce distinctly enhanced flavors and texture in our wines. Two weeks of open-topped fermentation and hand-punch down are time-honored winemaking practices that create rich structure in the wine. Minimal SO2 usage preserves fruit intensity and enhances the rich, round tannins. Thirty months in French oak, 50 percent in new oak barrels and 50 percent in one year old oak barrels, intensify the complexity and character of the wine. Our Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is a tightly wound wine with a rich, concentrated structure and layers of well-integrated flavors. Enticing aromas and flavors of sumptuous cherries, black currants and ripe plums are accented by hints of vanilla oak that lead to a smooth, full finish.