1.5L 2017 Martin Ray Tina Marie Pinot Noir

1.5L 2017 Martin Ray Tina Marie Pinot Noir

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The Vineyards

Planted twenty years ago, Tina Marie defines what we feel is classic California Pinot Noir, lively and fruit forward, always a pleasure to open and enjoy. Surrounded by redwoods, this gently sloping vineyard lies against the foothills of the coastal mountains, on the western edge of Green Valley. We have continued to be impressed over the years of the purity of fruit that it offers, as its densely
planted rows result in low yields, making its small production coveted amongst our bottlings.

Vintage Notes

Record setting rain and cooler temperatures lengthened dormancy, with first signs of budbreak mid-March. Hotter than average days in June and July brought harvest mid-August with lower than average yields across all varieties.

Tasting Notes

Fresh, juicy cherry and sweet cranberry lead to notes of black tea and sarsaparilla. Deep cola notes and cherry blossom persist as silky tannins and vibrant acidity follow throughout the finish.